Unhandled Exception on 'Start Game'

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i just where wondering whate do they mean withe :roll:

(a sub-directory off of the VC root directory).

i need to know if not i cant play the game becous i get unhandled exeption all the time

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i fixed it wtih my unhandeled Exeption but then i got a new Error.

So i deleted all my mta files in my VC directory and deinstalled mta completely and reinstalled it allnew.

I must say good work and thank you for mta. But before i fixed it i tried mta for gta3. This is very bad so don't try it. It's very unsynchronic when you're out of the car (Maybe i've got the wrong version).

So my solve was deinstall all files even manuall and reinstall mta allnew

Sorry for my bad english(when you can call this english)

i'm from Austria

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