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Unhandled Exception on 'Start Game'


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i get this msg after like 5 mins of playing:

Unhandled exeption: c0000005

At adress: 005630ee

and my mta crashes, and somethimes my mta crashes and takes my pc down with it :evil: and i have to restart the pc...

this is problably just a bug...

moderators; FIX THIS NOW!!! :twisted:

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HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM - for every one who had the unhandled exception with the CRACKED version of vice city:

- extract this no-cd patch in your vice city folder: http://gta3.gamigo.de/downloads/upload/gta-vc.rar

- set your client.exe and gta-vc.exe in compatibilty mode with win98

- for european version only: copy from the folder c:\Vice city\TEXT all files except the american.gxt in you c:\Vice city\MTA\ folder!

now you can start the game. watch for your vc version in your client.

the new cd crack is important! with other cracks it won't work.

but now if got a new problem: the game freezes whan the player selection screen appears. :x:?:

i have fixed that problem too by reading some more helps.

instead of step 3 (with the languages) rename the american.gxt to german.gxt!

now it should run without problems.

if you have still questions write me an email if i wont answer here.

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when the computer crashes you can usually get away with just tapping enter twice as that will close the error dialogue and terminate the gta-vc process.

To stop it crashing (and I know Ive posted this loads b4 but people keep asking) you need the following;

1. directx 9

2. latest m/board drivers

3. latest video card drivers

4. win xp running service pack 1a

5. quake 3 hotfix from microsoft.com

With this installed never crash anymore. I can literally play for 5 hours without having to reload vice city.

The only time it almost crashes is where the game will lock up for a few seconds, but I just release the mouse/keyboard and it sorts itself out and i carry on (the same as all online games)

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When i do start a new game, multi theft auto the game crash at the load screen with an unhandled exception. Do this all the time so i cant play.

i have already put the text in mta and put mta run on windows 98.

I dont mod and i never downloaded a mod.

The game runin singleplayer, only mta crash

i have windows xp



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Still, we SHOULD be able to play even with a no-cd Program :? Yes I know we should just buy the original :roll: but what if we dont have the money on us hmm? Its easier just to get it from a friend like i did.

Can you guys please make a Version of MTA:VC that works with no-cd programs :D

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the unhandled exception happens 2 me ramdomly during the game. sometimes worse then others. i click cancel in the unhandled exception window and in the mta client its not only me but other pepl r crahing at the same time as each other. its really annoying. :cry: i have a brand new pc so there shud me no reaosn. im using broadband.recently it has gt worse sometimes i cn even press windows and i have 2 reboot loosing my score. has any1 gt or had this problem aswell and have u solved it :?:

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Still, we SHOULD be able to play even with a no-cd Program :? Yes I know we should just buy the original :roll: but what if we dont have the money on us hmm? Its easier just to get it from a friend like i did.

Can you guys please make a Version of MTA:VC that works with no-cd programs :D

GTA should have some sort of CD Key checking system, but it should not require the CD to run it. I hate wearing out my CD-ROM for no reason, and I hate having to have all my games on my desk ready to put in the CD-ROM. My Half-Life CD has been used twice - and I play Counter Strike every day.

So my point is - piracy is wrong yes, but nocd cracks are not.

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i think i have the australian version of vice city is that a problem , cos wen i start up mta and click "start game" the rockstar logo comes up and then t does a beep noise and some times it says unhandled exception can u's tell me whats wrong

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:cry: Have just installed mta03b after a fresh install of gtavc, windows xp pro service pack1, 2000+machine 512 ram 120gb hd 128mb vid card. the launcher prog loads but if i try to play either mulitplayer or single player i get runtime error 75, path/file error. Have installed mta03b in root vc and vc/"dir install file defults to" pls help I love this game and am desperate to play mulitplayer
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After I play MTA-VC online for a few minutes my internet connection stops working (and get's back after 1 hour)!

I have an 128k cable connection.

Probably my ISP thinks I work something illegal on port 2003 so how about other ports?

File-sharing programs use random ports just to get by this problem.

Anyone else having this problem?


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I searched for ports trojans use and I found these:


+,2001,DerSpaeher 3,,,


2000 UDP BackDoor.Fearic

2001 Trojan Cow

2002 TransScout

2003 TransScout




So maybe try random ports or other ports that are not blocked by ISP's?


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I have a huge problem, when I start the mta, and I click on start game, it starts all, fine, I press on start MTA:vc, that that pink bar loads up, when it reches about 75% I get unabled expression.HOW CAN I FIX THAT!!!!???????? :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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Im running the australian version of GTA:VC and i have installed MTA into the VC directory, i tried it then and the cinematic begun and then it crashed giving me unhandled exception: c0000005 at address: 004abd1c

I then reinstalled both GTA:VC and MTA and changed the locations of the language.gxt files.

I have a bought version of GTA: VC which doesnt work with MTA.. and I have an illegal copy of GTAIII and it works fine, not that i can find any servers to test it out anyways.

:( Can someone please help me


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