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Unhandled Exception on 'Start Game'


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Alright, so, I wanted to make this official as so many people with foreign versions are experiencing it.

Follows these steps exactly

- Navigate Windows Explorer to the VC root directory and change into the TEXT directory. You should see a bunch of files, mainly with the .gxt extension.

- Copy all of the files in this directory EXCEPT for american.gxt into the MTA directory (a sub-directory off of the VC root directory).

Try again ...

If this helps and you get in game, but then instantly seem to crash at the Player Selection Screen, try the following.

- Navigate to the MTA directory of the VC root directory and delete the existing language.gxt file (such as spanish.gxt).

- Make a copy of american.gxt.

- Once copied, rename the copied american.gxt (which was bundled with the MTA:VC 0.2 program) to whatever your GTA:VC game is set to. So, if you have the game set to spanish, rename the copied american.gxt to spanish.gxt.

Try again ...

This seems to be helping quite a bit of people, so hope for the best

If you are still crashing, please make sure that you have selected the correct game version within the Client. So, if you have GTA:VC 1.0 installed, make sure you select 1.0 in the Client. If you have GTA:VC 1.1, make sure you select 1.1 in the Client.

Also, make sure the mta.scm and mtas.scm (0.2.2) exist within the data/ directory of your VC root. The mta_dll.dll file must exist within the VC root directory and if you wish to have any MTA keys bound within the game, config.cfg must also exist within the VC root directory.

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what should i do when i use a crack?

You should use your CD's you Bought, but if you don't like having a disc in, get the game to run, and you should be fine. I will probaslly guess you should not ask for a No-Cd here :)

i can't use the original because my cd messed up, so what then?

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I have the problem to play MTa too, unhandled exception blablabla, i tried everythink, rename gxt files, copy gxt files, correct version, without no-cd in win98 mode.... everythink

why doesnt it work :evil: i hate it until now, no version of MTA was working, not the gta3 not the 0.1 and now not the 0.2 version!

How about new bugfixes :roll: keep on, because GtaT is working on my computer :wink:

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How does a cd become messed up anyways?

i had a game before called screamer, that cd got scratched to hell and back, but crazily it still worked :D

havent' had an original cd stop workign for me, i'll admit i've had copy of some things, and i can't say i know anyone who hasn't, and yes they generally stop working

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So whats the big deal with ppl using nocd patches?

Ive bought the game, but i dont like XP crashing all over me somethimes when the cdrom is spinning up and Gta game time-out.

Nah really, its legal to use the no-cd "crack/patch" if you have bought the original software.

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we understand fully the legality..

but right now we have to hack out hte memory locations for v. 1.0 and 1.1

for windows XP, and in the future we will have to hack out locations for 1.0 and 1.1 for windows 98... we aren't about to go through and hack out hte memory locations for all the noCD cracked versions as well...

there's a lot of time involved in finding these memory addresses... as such, we aren't going to make it a point to support the noCD patches, however, we will not take any steps against htem


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Kent, could you please explain what that means? Because I'm not a programmer :) I use the no-cd crack and my game runs fine...of course there are some unhandled exception crashes once in a while, but for me it depends on the server I'm in...

I have another reason to use a no-cd crack too...I like to hack the music files so that they're my own music and not the stupid VC radio stations. If I have the CD in, it bypasses what I have in my Audio directory and plays the radio stations off the CD. I could always turn the music volume all the way down, but I like to have music while I'm crushin heads!! :)

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How does a cd become messed up anyways?

I have like 150 computer games so my CD's most likely get messed up from switching them. I have bought Half-Life like 3 TIMES! That is just one game. So now that I have found out about no-cd cracks I usually use them. I will admit I sometimes d-load games but I usually d-load really old ones that they do not sell anymore or that I can not find.... like the Fallout series which I bought but my Fallout 2 cd got messed up. I like to demo games before I buy them.... no use d-loading the game if I can not play it online so I usually buy it if I like it. As you can see I buy A LOT of games. I have also bought Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun 2 times and Diablo 2 times. lol

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I have this exception too...

I have two computer with Win2K SP4... On the first MTAVC v0.2 works perfectly...

And on my second it crash... I delete my GTAVC dir and i copy it from my first computer... and and and... it crash too...

On the second computer i launch the server too and maybe i think you can't run MTA client on the server...

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im not using a no cd crack and mod run ok but in the screen for select player game, game stop, when i ear an engine startin( i think car or bike engine) What is the problem, because im not using a no cd crack.

Ty for all and have a good day.

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