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1.0 VS 1.1 & Windows 98 question


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Love 0.2, but I got 3 questions:

1) Can a server have different clients that have different versions of Vice City, and not crash or mess up? For example, player 1 has Vice City 1.0, and player 2 has Vice City 1.1...will that work okay?

2) Besides the slow loading textures for me, does 1.1 fix any crashes in MTA? I'm using 1.0 right now, because I read the Rockstar site, and it said the patch just fixed certain graphics bugs, but I heard not the slow loading textures?

3) Does MTA:VC work on Windows 98, or Windows ME yet? I have XP but a friend of mine wants to play and he has Windows ME, but I havn't been able to get a hold of him to tell him to try the new patch...



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