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Aloha ladies and gentlemen,

today I've finished my newest (35th) oldschool DM map and I've decided to post a video of this and two of my other maps here. To be honest, all in all I created 35 maps till now and I just started to record the maps when I've finished my 33rd map, thats why I just have 3 videos about my maps :lol:

I created all maps with the good old MTA:SA v1.1.2 Mapeditor :)

Please tell me your opinion about the maps (not about my music taste^^), so I'll know what I have to do better next time.

NOTE This is the Showroom, so please dont ask me if I could share the maps. I wont do it for sure, cause I made some bad experience with that. You'll be just able to play them on the XIII servers.

Best Regards - -XIII-Biernot

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Hey guys,

I would like to present you my newest map. I've created this map this weekend and normaly I wanted to make a map series calls "Backyard Party", which includes around 5 maps, but I allready got bored with mapping again, so I leave it with one map and show you this one. :P

Furthermore the object limit in the MTA race map editor didnt like me again, so I couldnt design this map as I want. But whatever, I hope you like this map or at least you have fun with playing this map ;)

Best regards - Biernot

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I continued to make about 30 maps in old editor when mta 1.0 was existing already 2 years. I even converted sent to me mta1.0 maps to mta1.1.2(old) for editing the bugs. But there was one good reason - first versions of new editor were very bugged. Nowadays new Editor is much better and more convinient than old one. I worked in old editor ~ 2-3 years, and I can compare, map creating in new one is really faster and easy, especially nice is F3-button and fast-slow moving.

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