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What do u think about Gangs ??


What do u think about Clans/Gangs  

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  1. 1. What do u think about Clans/Gangs

    • Kewl !
    • Very Nice
    • I Like it
    • I'm not interested
    • I don't really like it...
    • It Sucks !

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I too love the idea of gangs/clans as many others do, just dont like the idea that everbody can actually start one.There should be a certain amount of goals that u have to reach before announcing your clan officially.There used to be a 50 post rule but that didnt last long eventually and now everybody thinks that they're qualified to start one of their own. :? TwwIX are mad! :evil: TwwIX wanna slap these n00borz around a bit with a large whale. :P

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