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I click Start Game, and guess what it says...


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Mine Did this 2, On a clean install, It took me 2 reinstalls until it worked. oh btw I dont think its owt to do with skins cos U cant use custom skins in MTA. u will need to reinstall it probably, Just go get the cd's or if ur m8 wont give u them download the isos (I know not to be discussed on here but he has the orignal and ur allowed to make 1 backup copy and so that is practically what he wud be doing) Please dont ban me *cowers in a corner with a white flag*

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I'm assuming you have your play cd with you.

What u need to do here is to:

1. Go to your Windows directory.

2. Edit the MTA.ini file to point to your VC directory and the correct EXE.

[Remote Admin]
location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\gta-vc.exe

3. edit the location at the bottom. Point to Vice City EXE [gta-vc.exe] It should be : \gta-vc.exe (replace vice city root with the appropiate dir and take the brackets out)


Please note, it's in the MTA 0.2 FAQ, scroll down to the bottom.


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If it is still saying incorrect files, then something is wrong.

Either the exe is pointing wrong, or the mta.scm handling.cfg or weapon.dat file has been modified at some point since installation.

Make sure you are running the mta.scm file that was shipped with MTA:VC 0.2 and make sure that you are using the handling.cfg and weapon.dat files from the original installation of the game.

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