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in PC GAMER, there was an artical about how Vice City will be on PC.. and it listed GTA3 Mods. It listed: Sky Park, Missliberty, San Angeles, MTA, The Bridge Thingy, Car modding, and somethin else.. i for get now. neway.. they must not have gone to the site recently, since it said that MTA is planning on have eight people per game.. not 32. also it didnt mention GGM. neway, go MTA.

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The PC Gamer (UK) Subscription Prices are:



£44.90 for 13 CD Issues

£53.90 for 13 DVD Issues



£59.99 for 13 CD Issues

£64.99 for 13 DVD Issues

Delivered by Airmail

Rest of World


£71.99 for 13 CD Issues

£80.99 for 13 DVD Issues

Delivered by Airmail

Order now and get 4 extra free issues and a copy of Warcraft 3!

The link below doesn't seem to exist yet, but its the website that the magazine says!?!



The link below doesn't seem to have been updated, so I would wait around, just in case the deal hasn't been sealed yet!



+44 0870 444 8660

Lines open, 24 hours, seven days a week.

There is also a PC Gamer (US), but I have no information on this :(

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this goes to everyone, especially Iggy248

This is not to chat, and post 1 word messages !

Just discuss, but do not reply with : "yeah i think too" ar anything similar to it.

Don ttry to get that point rate under your name up, because if you post shit like this you can get into trouble on this forum (with some warnings offcourse)

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