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Servers (possible solution)


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The reason alot of these servers are crashing every 10 minutes and some ppl having real bad lags is the servers bandwidth, and people playing the game whilst hosting a server ....... not sure if anyone else has noticed these "coincidences yet, but while we we playing on one of the fast uk servers with 18 players it worked fine , not a crash for at least 1hr for anyone........ although when we played on my friends server which he hosted and joined on his 1mb connection, we saw crashes every 10 minutes...... as i said not sure if this is a definete link but worth checking out !!

If your servers cant handle alot of players ! Limit the amount u have on it !

And BTW Excellent release lads :D i love it, only prob i had was i had to reinstall vice city due to mods.

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Well I'm not sure if it's as much the server crashing as PEOPLE on the server crashing. But still, your inference about the bandwidth would still support the observation that crashes occur less frequently on smaller servers than they do on larger servers, since the more people the more bandwidth (or other server resource) the more problems with insufficient resource allocation hence the more chance u have of encountering a stability issue like crashing.

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