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Plz im going to have a lan and i need a guide to set up a lan server and all the settings plz. And i think a lan guide can help alot of people out there. So please anyone make a lan guide.

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yes blokker, you're so helpful :P

Player 1: Start server, no ASE reporting

Player 1: Connect to 'localhost' (no quotes)

Player 2: Connect to the server's IP.


To find the server's IP (under windows):

Start -> Run...

type 'cmd' (no quotes)

type 'ipconfig' (no quotes)

one of those addresses is the server's :)

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Okay, I get nothing when I start the server except dos window where I can NOT make any changes. Could you expand on this so I can play with my 2 networked pc's? I already copied your steps down.


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