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After GTAVC crash, restarting GTAVC won't work!


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1. I play vice city and the WHOLE game crashes

2. I restart vice city

3. After choosing my character I see the GTAVC load screen

4. I hear the "tone" that comes when you get an error box for windows

5. A windows message box shows up saying "GTAVC has an internal error and must be terminated immediatly. Send error report?"

NOTE: When I die in the game (before the crash) I can select a character again just fine.

After the game crashes, if I restart VC, it will just freeze up EVERY TIME during the load screen after character selection.

The only remedy I have found is restarting my computer! Nooo! :evil:

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Ooooh geez how could I forget!

- Microsoft Windows XP (newest updates including sevice pack 1) home edition

- Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz

- 512 MB of RAM

- 1MB Cable Internet

- 49 GB of free space left

- Avance AC97 audio card

- Whatever came with the computer. Not quite sure. Intel extreme graphics maybe? Integrated video?

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