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WTF Man! Unhandled Exception...

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man wtf man everytime I try to play I always get into the game right.. and when I click "Play Multi Theft Auto" it'll load... until the very end and it'll go "poong" and its a gay Unhandled exception c000005 or sumthin like that I mean wtf .... I reinstalled GTA VC and lost like 40 of my cars... to play this and it doesn't even work.... ehhhh is there a way I can fix this... :evil:

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I reinstalled GTA VC and lost like 40 of my cars

*cry*... sometimes I'm amazed at people.

Do NOT use mods, it usually fscks up MTA. Make sure that the version is correct in the top right corner of MTA (where it says 1.1/1.0)... The version thing is what caused the crashes for me.

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Yes.....Unfortunatly people are so exited about playing online except they forget 1 little tiny itsy bitsy problem...U gotta choose ur version of the game...and the right one of course or ull crash right after the game loads....well at least that is what usually happens to me when i choose the wrong version....anyways dont forget to set ur version to the correct...........uhh....version...that's the word.


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