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No one else is saying it so....


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I will....


Jesus...in the past 3 hours there have been nothing but complaints coming from everyone on this board. Yeah, 0.2 crashes like a motherfucker, but deal with it. If it's that terrible, maybe they'll release a quick patch or something, but until then, quit bashing on them and show some love!

TIP: If you're finding that you're crashing way too much, just join a smaller server. I can almost gaurantee you'll have problems if you join a server with over 16 people in it. The odds of someone coming in and crashing the server are still too high to be playing on a 24-player server.

Have fun everyone!

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I found out that big servers tend to crash more, what we did is make a private server for 10 people but only had 6 play and the crashes were far less than a pub server.

servers 10 or less should be used, i agree

wish everyone would tune down theirs

who wants to be the 32nd person in a 32 person game? not me

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Hey guys, I wanted to say thank you for all of your kind words.

How much work we have actually put into this version is often overshadowed by those whom are having problems, so it is great to see that atleast some of you are enjoying the game and actually taking the time to thank us.

It makes it all worth while in the end and I hope you continue to have lots of fun! :P

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I think its kinda funny ppl are already talking about .3, but what makes it funny is that .2 has been realeased just today...TODAY :lol: ....calm ursleves down ppl the team needs a rest dont they? after all its free, its their will, dont put too much pressure...talk about .3 after uve had enough of .2 ( i dunno when that will be for me :D)

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lol it could be complaints...or could be ppl that cant wait, or ppl that are just following the hundreds of ppl that are asking for the new version

Off-topic Question for PHILL

Man i love that pinguin scene of urs ...i laugh evertime i look at it..where in the world did u find it?

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