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MTA 0.3

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So When will MTA 0.3 be released, and where exactly can i download it from. :P

I have been GOOGLEing for for info for about 2 hours.

Read the announcments, and the rest of the forum, then ask yourself why i deleted this post =)

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I'm curious, how does the ingame chat function work? (not technically, just how can you type in things etc.)

The ingame chatsystem from GGM sucks i think, when you're typing your character shoots, steals cars, walks, etc. It isn't locked when you're typing, quite irritating. Another thing is that it's displayed in a messagebox like an anouncement, but it fades in everytime you type a character.

Maybe there are screenshots of this already? Like to see one :)

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CTRL + Z and CTRL + X I think, it's in the readme anyway.

I'm afraid it works just the same as GGM, i.e message fades and controls still work when typing. :(

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a friend of mine had an idea about car damage and animation. he suggest that it should be kept the way it is, you know not showing car damage, so that you don't have to get it sycned. all we really need is a damage meter to tell how much health a vehicle has. don't know if ya like the idea but its a shot.

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