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Its finally released, mta .2, what a fine day it is

just a warning to ppl complaining

[12:33pm] the NEXT person to complain gets banned

[12:33pm] * Black_Dragon (1@bzq-218-89-121.red.bezeqint.net) has joined #mta

[12:33pm] lol

[12:33pm] * [DK]Daniel (danielnc@3E6B7319.rev.stofanet.dk) has joined #mta

[12:33pm] * MrBump sets mode: -m

[12:33pm] "COME ON REALEASE IT ALREADY!! WTF MAN, RELEASEIT!!" (damn idiots)

[12:33pm] on the 5th recv()

[12:33pm] <{VCP-Iggy}> hehehehe

[12:33pm] its released-ish

[12:33pm] that wasnt very nice of u

[12:33pm] :|

[12:33pm] * Gamefreek07 (Gamefreek0@AC8E9868.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Connection reset by peer)

[12:33pm] * YowYow (Chrisyowyo@cpe-024-165-218-140.midsouth.rr.com) Quit (User is permanently banned (no reason))

read that before complaing.....

Server - Win32 http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=34

linux - http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=33

Client- http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=35

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