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Off topic, sorry. Which graphic's card should i buy.


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Thankyou for your advise, im going to build another pc soon and out of a matter if interst im going to use an 9600 raddy. I might as well have a go at that too just to see what all the fuss is about, many thx. Sarah.

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perhaps im a bit biased, cause im usually anti-monopoly and GF has conquered the market for so long..

but i think radeon has better value for price. the 9600 pro is a very very good card for its quality.. and i saw a few articles about how GF FX does not support DX9 that well.. and DX9 cards are the "gfx cards of the future"

but basically, i want a radeon dx9 card cause it supports HL2 better ;p

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My card fully support direct x 9 and the latest open gl 1.4 and below. Says it on the box, i rang gainward and they say so and also benchmark utils like 3d mark say so. I must admit its a lot faster than my geforce 3, and i was VERY happy with that. I do admit to a slow drop in frames with quake 2 though, bit dissapointed there.But this card will play doom3 and unreal T 2004 no probs. Bare in mind that i upgrade my 3 pc's like every 2 months, so getting rid of a product that i dont like is just fine for me. Thx all for your help and comments.

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