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umm. people. how about tournaments?

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well here is an idea i have not seen any where. there will be ctw and other modes in the next release, and probably dedicated servers, so why not hold tournaments. these tournaments would bring in more people for sure and would be great to see, especially the experts of the game in action. this is only a suggestion though but it would be excellent if we could have some. imagine, clans and everything on a mod, this could be come the next cs soon :P

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i am liking your idea my friend.

and official MTA tourny, i say we plan the first one right now, but it should be the first game ever played on MTA.


yellow team:dave,john,mick

red team:bill(not directed at mr.),james,derick

blue team:ugiene,bob,will

black team:chris,tom,harry

white team:tim,robert,sam

i would make a chart, we all get to pick our own teams and enter them, and by say 1 week from now is the deadline to enter teams, i e-mail the chart to EVERY team member..

the chart would be hat picked teams to fight each other(basicly randomly generated), comments?

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i mentioned that? - was probably blok or bill that mentioned release date stuff.... i usually just delete those posts anyway =)

As for tournies and stuff - it could be possible in 0.3b, but maybe once we find the mods limitations we can work on that.

Would be great if mta could organise it themselves =)

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clans begin with the release of .3, enough said, i already know what i'm calling mine

i honestly haven't played gta3 since last year, and i'm going to start playing again when .3 comes out, you have rekindled my love for gta3.

<(([DMX]))> SUCKAZ!!!!!!

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