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Only xDSL or higher users


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By some gameservers you can not connect to a server wenn you have a dailup (modem) connection.

Is it a idea that a server can select a option, that a player with a high ping can't connect to the server.

Or the player need to have for example: 512mbit/s down- and 64mbit/s upload.

Or you are not alowed to enter wenn you have a dialupconnetion.

Its maybe nasty :x for the slower gamers, but the players with a good connection will have fewer lag. :D

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Yes i mean 512kbit/s

But the server would be able to say a minimum from 1kb/s to 10000kb/s for down and upload.

Or a ping from 1000ms to 1ms.

Or he must have or have higher then: dailup, cabel, dsl or T1,T3.

If the server want a minimum, i think he must be able to do this.

This not mean al servers need to make a minimum!!! :lol:

It is just a idea!!!!

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