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GTA3 problems


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I started downloading different mods for gta3 cause I beat the game and simple ped killing was getting boring...well now when I try to play It freezes as soon as its done loading and I get

Unhandled Exception

Unhandeled exception: c0000005

At address: 0047890d

I doubt anyone knows how to fix this. I know, reinstall gta3, but that dosent really fix the problem because as I stated above normal ol' gta3 is boring.

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ya ...its one of the bugs everyone has been gettin....i have been gettin it everytime mta/geo crashes....but admins told me to jus wait until 0.3 comes out!! it also happens when you download sum mods and new cars that dun work!... for some mods you just have to start a new game to make it work!

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