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[REL]MTA:SA Radio Player

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This resource allows you to listen your favorite music just from MTA! The only thing you need is a link to radio stream, or links directly to music files.


*/radio - shows/hides radio GUI

*/stopsound - stops stream/sound from play

*/vol_up,vol_down - volume controls

You can bind them to any key you like for the fast access.

Radio GUI has 2 tabs:



Here you can add,remove and play your online streams.

If you wan't to play stream, just double click on stream URL.

and sounds:


Here you can add,remove and play your sounds.

This tab has 2 options:

-Repeat - repeats currently playing sound

-Radio mode - after sound ended play, the next sound will be played.

This resource is CLIENT-SIDE, that means, all your URLs to streams and sounds will be same on all servers. So, you can listen your favorite music on any server! (Only problem is that server must have this resource started)

When sound started or stream changed meta, you will see basic info(title,artist, etc) about new sound.

Here is a linkto SVN checkout

FOR MTA:SA 1.1 USE ONLY (include n-builds)

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