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How would modding be if Rockstar originally release Multipla

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Its known no one know what would have happened if something was done a differant way. But how do you think Modding would be if GTA3 Had Multiplayer from the start. Do you think we'd still be at the same stage or would be further ahead then we are or be further behind? Its a Debatable point but look at what would definately happen:

MTA or GOE would NOT Exist.

Also Do you think we'd be better off as we are now or with GTA3 Ready for MPlayer from the get go.

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im sure that everyone here would have probably wanted multiplayer to be in gta3 standard. But coding multiplayer, fixing bugs etc is a full time job, and would have taken away from the game itself.

If gta3 had mp, i doubt any mp mods would be created, unless the mp really really sucked!

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i think it would of been better if gta3 had already multiplayer..heres y,

1.i would'n be here checkin the site if the new version had posted the 0.3 every 2 hours

2.i think it would be more profitional work than hackers..cuz R* knows the game a lot more better and stuff.. and there have been trianed there asses off...

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I think thered be alot of stuff that u guys plain cant do like in themultiplayer menu that u can pit in it with the menu editor that was going to be in that game, whey had special maps just for multiplayer, i dont think it will even be possible for u guys to do

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i am sorry i would have to disagree

1.)this small mod has brought a huge community together and people have met friends etc..

2.)MTA is keeping us on our feet for us ready to pounce on the download(you know you bandwidth will be through the roof)

3.)this OUR online game, We as fans and developers are the mod, we give ideas and if liked it may go on the mod, we make the decisions, R* only would make what they think would be good...

4.)it is prooving that alot can be done from amatures.

5.)it gives people an insite to endless possibilities, and game modes, and people genuinly have fun on these forums and on MTA, it's a fun enviroment

6.)if R* made it this fun enviroment would have been made

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