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Secret Spot #2

Cudda Kine

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Just to let everyone know that there is a another escret spot in Vice city (Not Easter Egg Room). THe 1st Secret Spot was easy to find out and easy to get in. But the 2nd spot Is VERY VERY Hard to get in. I went in 5 or more times already.

PS: the spot is at the same Building as the 1st Secret Spot. (Next to VRock)

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lol, great way to keep a secret, start telling lots of ppl about it.

see me, i know of many secret spots, but i dont blab about em. thats why they're secret :wink:

of course i only go there to talk, or while im eating. anyone who spends all their time in a spot where no one can reach them, should probably play a different game.

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I've used the first secret spot only once and it wasn't to camp or because I was afraid to die. I was simply running from a cheater. I like frustrating cheaters and I'll do just about anything (short of cheating myself) to do it. And one thing that frustrates them is not being able to kill people they want to kill. I also like hiding the Hunter on them. That really pisses them off.

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Its not that spot near the 'easter egg' is it? theres another false wall on a heliport near there. It was supposed to have a secret vehicle in it, but it was empty.

p.s. I hate it when people try to wave their 'secrets' in everyone's face. Does it make them feel special or somthing? If its really a secret, share the info, stronger oppenents means more fun.

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