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Mta Sa Lag spikes \ Fps drop

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Hey everyone, need help.

Cant make my computer stop lagging in mta at some points : After 10 min play my mta lags in 2 min, and then i can play 10min lag free again, And so on, an anoying spike..

And when i join a race server it lags continuerly

Pc info:

Intel i5 750

Grafics: Ati radeon 5770 Hd 1gb

Asus 333 motherboard

4gb Ram

My San andreas singleplayer runs as smooth as a cat, and i have no mods installed.

At request a video can be insert.


Regards Surv!voR

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Try some of the following and report back if necessary.

- Ensure that your graphics card has the latest drivers installed

- Download the latest DirectX runtimes

- Download the latest MTASA nightly version - providing you haven’t already

- Deactivate any compatibility modes that were set by default for GTASA

It could simply be the server you are playing on. I mean you mentioned that you play for a period of time where you get no disruptions and suddenly it changes for a moment, which then shortly returns back to normal. Perhaps try playing elsewhere?

It might also help us if you provide a dixdiag log - you’d be surprised what we might find.

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Did everything you told me, and what did the trick was the compatility, both my mtasa was set to windows 98 and my gtasa was set to w98

So yea thanks a lot for the quick reply also, if i get spikes again ill be sure to write :)

Oh and by the way here's my dxdiag:

Towncivilian Love the nyan cat :)

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Nice to know it’s fixed.

I think the compatibility issue should be mentioned within the manual guide - you’d be surprised how many people don’t realise it!

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Yea it should! Ive played with this in 3 years, i feel screwed :\ haaha...

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