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what do u wanna c more...

what set of pix?  

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  1. 1. what set of pix?

    • me hoping a fence using wall ride
    • me climbing a tree on a bike
    • HUGE tank pilup go boom
    • or me dead with 100 health and armor

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don't be sad, monkeymunch, they just have no appreciation of simple life things. I want to see motor bike up palm tree.

Oh, and stunts with fingers tied together be a little easy. Just try it, hold you fingahs together and see that you can reach most keys fine..

Now, trick using only one foot and ye nose.. thares a trick...


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i do all my stunts using only my buttcheeks!

with all this stunting going on, it might be nice to start some sort of small competitions in MTA0.2 where people try to do a set stunt and the best replay or screenshot wins.. of course it would have to be a set location and something original, so people dont send in old replays

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