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elix0r Stunt Collection


What has elix0r done?  

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  1. 1. What has elix0r done?

    • elix0r has offended me with his CRAP!!
    • elix0r makes me sleepy!!!
    • I feel alive and want to try stunts!!!! Thanks, elix0r!
    • elix0r has forced me to soil my pants with excitement!!!

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it's got a fun song to listen to so it won't be a total waste if you hate my stunts. I'm curious what people think of the few stunts in shipyard. (specifically, the bounce/launch off chainlink fence)

I'm bored doing stunts in single player, Iwanna work on some stunts on multiplayer.. let me know if there's a specific stunt server out there somewhere.

MS Internet Explorer: just "save target as" since it does the anonymous login automatically.

otherwise... you gotta login as 'anonymous' on your own.

it's a 26meg .wmv

Also, I only got about 40 kb/s upload so.. if anyone wants to help host this file for the hell of it, feel free. Just post a link here.. please, thanks.

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I liked it. very good. I like how you stunted in new places, rather than than the same old shit that everyone else does. Kinda like when I did the SM vid. I picked a lot of spots that no one else did, but now those spots are spammed all over these newer stunt vids. The only problem is that you should do less tree base jumps and add some more genuine, unique hits. There are so many places to stunt that if I wanted I could make a 40 min movie, but that would just be ridiculus. :D

Keep up the good work. :D

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stunting should be about original lines and actually landing the trick

no point saying you did a 2000* jump but couldnt land it

reminds me of a golfing term 'drive for show, putt for dough', the taking off and spinning part is the show, but landing and controlling it is the hardest part

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anyways, elix0r, to continue my misplaced post:

i did not think they were pure luck, i believe they were intented, but i think hitting the tree at the right angle and not landing backward makes it a stunt that only works 1 out of 10 times.

but i dont know that for sure, cause i have actually never tried it on purpose (only on accident). if you come into my channel, we can try it sometimes.

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cudda k, send me that .cfg.. I'm looking to see exactly what can be done on a stock bike. I'll pm you one of my email addresses.

Thargore, I'll get back to you on the success rate of ramping off palms (I assume you mean that instead of when I actually hit a tree in the air.. heh)

I'm about as successful at ramping palms as I am at ramping regular spots.. though, that may be about %10.. who knows.. heh I like doing more low speed, consistent tricks. I'm not a fan of top speed, smashing into things and randomly landing. I feel like jumping palms and spinning off them can be codified ..


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