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How to script icon's in the map!


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Im new with scripting on mta and i use a resource mabako-services its making the payn&respray work & ammonition on the server! its only showed on the minimap if u are close to it

I learned how i make the icons with Createblip

But were i need to place it in?

Can i create a resources that i can start thats shows all icons than? or must i place it in the script himself?

I dont need all help with it because if somebody do it for me i cant do it for myself lol

Srry for my bad english



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Ok if made the meta.xml, in the format u use the server say's : Could not parse meta! What it means i dont know but i changed it in:

<script src="icons.lua"/> 

Now he dont give me the error

I create icons.lua with this code :

Emmetgun createBlip ( float 1366.7922363281, float -1274.9412841797, float -1274.9412841797, [int icon=0, int size=2, int r=255, int g=0, int b=0, int a=255,  
int ordering=0 *, float visibleDistance=99999.0, visibleTo = getRootElement()]  

i start the recourse from the server its running but i dont see the icon in the f11 map

What im doing wrong?

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