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Cudda Kine's Stunt Video Vol.10

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It was kinda nice and I liked that thing with the Cheetah in the middle of the airport but since I don't like the usage of mods in any way i give it a 6.5/10.

The video is hosted on my FTP without Cudda Kine's knowledge so if you CK want it to be removed I'll remove it my guess is that you dont mind :wink:

It can be a little busy (max 2 peeps) and today it will close early.

ftp://video:video@ ... l%2010.zip

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the elix0r does not soil his pants easily, but after that, I gotta change em cause I SHIT MY PANTS. I don' t know if its because of the hilarious song (after initially despising the song, I've grown to love it), the humor or what.. The modded cars were great. Not a fan of modded maps, like to keep the environment even. The grinds rock bottoms. You're hip to the moped tricks (me thinks they are hot since not many do em). The players skins you used were hilarious.

the yellow car at airport trick was neat as shit. also, i think you get how cool little tricks can be, not everything at top speed. This indicates that you are a trick master. elix0r bows down to the cudda kine.


P.S. I'll try to send you a link to a video of some of my stuff.. it ain't funny.. but some are okay, i think. Mainly, I'm too lazy to perfect my tricks so you could use the locations to do them appropriately.

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SM Gulag says,

wow pissy site admins what else is new. :roll:

yah...heh, I'll send you a link just since I can't get anyone to comment on my video.. guess it is too slow for them to download from my home server.. or it sucks that much.

tell me what you say, though, it is a stunt collection, and not a stunt video since it is work in progress.. I'm just more interested in doing some MTA stunting in collusion with others. (not just racing around doing 360s on an mTA server.) There's an enjoyable song in the least..

PM on the way..

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lol, that song was not ejoyable to me ;p

anyways, the stunts were really nice, though, if i may critic, they were lucky to land (i bet you fell a lot taping it). you just cant control collision stunt like that.

i think that personally i'd give it an 7.5/10. the stunts were very nice, but with most i just feel you cant reproduce them, and it could use some variaty and also some editing... but that's just my personal opinion

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Thargore says,

they were lucky to land (i bet you fell a lot taping it). you just cant control collision stunt like that.

now, elix0r must object... there is a secret to jumping cars.. don't be going too fast that you can't pull back to wheelie.. Also, right as you hit the car, press the lean forward key. There are really only two stunts that I count as absolute luck.. but even then I might be able to redo them. Mainly, the ones where I'm spinning in the air and I hit a pole once and a palm the other time... thus stopping or reversing the spin. Any ramp off of a palm I can do consistently.. I just have to watch my angle so I don't hit the water. The launches in the shipyard, off the steps and the chainlink fence are hard.. but once you figure out the angle to hit it at.. it is consistent. Ramping cars is a science. (the cubano cars are very easy to ramp)

If you want to meet up and have me show you any of the tricks.. to see if I can be consistent.. I'd be willing to give it a shot. I could also make up a lot of .reps to send you from in the single player game of me ramping vehicles. Ramping vehicles seems a lot harder in MTA..


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Cudda Kine typed,

elix0r your video was pretty cool. Like when u hit the car and spun and grinded. tooo bad u didnt land it tho. And is Thargore talking about your video or my video? Oh ya, AND U DID EDIT THE BIKE SO ITS LIGHT. well it looks more lighter than Normal.

oop, he probably was.. some reason I thought he was referencing my insistence that at lest the music in my vid was enjoyable. i think i'm too zoned out today... gotta step away from the machine..

.. after just a few more tricks..

it's possible i guess that the bike is lighter, I changed the .cfg around a lot at one point. Here it is:

  • BIKE 500.0 0.8 1.8 1.2 0.0 0.05 -0.09 103 1.6 0.9 0.48 5 230.0 50.0 R E 15.0 0.50 0 35.0 0.85 0.15 0.3 0.01 10000 0.15 -0.16 0.5 0.0 10102 1 1

I did notice that I musta switched it from petrol to electric at one point and left it that way. Not sure what that does.. i think 500 is right for the bike. Though, I did top out the max speed at 230.

If anyone has a stock handling.cfg, I'd be greatful to get it.. I screwed up my backup.. and modded it too..


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I thought u was talking to me so i wrote...

Well u see, i used a un-modded car (yellow cheetah) for the best trick in the world. I usually do the tricks in MTA (Unmodded). But when i make videos, i want it to be more appealing and more funnire. I have 2 installations of gtaVC. Modded, and unmodded (MTA). I only change the Textures of the Car/Bike and the Car/Bike Name tooo. I do tricks the REAL way. I see what u mean and i agree that people that make their bikes go like 500mph and can float easy is bad. Cuz anyone can do those tricks with thier settings.

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cudda, i saw ur vid. now for the comments(there will be some really nasty stuff i might say, so excuse me):

1) u might think that the modded cars are only "texture moded" but its very easily seen that those cars got some other "extra stats" and THAT i count as a "cheat".

2) the music is kinda stupid but that only my opinion... :roll:

3) there was a mini stunt park, which i dont count in my score, becouse stunt vids should be about the original vice city and not a stunt park, if id wanted a stuntpark, i would build one and say "ooh, look at me! im the best stuntsman ever!".

4) almost all of the stunts were randomal, and u havnt actually ment to do them, they just came.

5) the monstertruck ("the big car with the big wheels") is seen leaving the ground even before the end of the ramp, THIS is a serious handling.cfg modification (almost no waight).

thats about all of it. didnt wanted to say it, but that movie is REALLY bad.

loose all the mods and get the original handling.cfg.

for now its 2/5.

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