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my back to the future movie

Guest Ursus

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i was already sniggering when i heard the music, and i was laughing when you actually put the back to the future effect on it.

just grand man, real grand, we need more movies with stories like this ^^

(PS how the hell did you do that effect in WMM2? or did you compress to WMV afterwards?)

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wow thx a lot, gald you liked it!

@Thargore: i did the effect first and then compress to wmv, and im sure ther must be an easier way to do it, but as i dont own any 1337 photo and video editing software, i actually had to do it editing frame by frame in MS Paint!, am i insane? well, yes.

@Ernest: I dont know about a fourth part, Ive heard rumors and all, but the way I see it, I dont think therell be a fourth part.

@Xucas: its quite possible, but as it is a very time consuming project, i dont think ill make another one for a while


@Xucas: sorry i think i didnt understand what you meant, if you meant a better quality one, then I think i can upload a 6-7 MB version

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