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Anyone have an AVANCE AC97 audio card? Then you probably...


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...have the same problem I do. GTAVC sound echos. In fact, after you start GTAVC, your sound will echo even after you turn GTAVC off. The only way to reset it is by resetting your computer.

Does anyone know how to fix this?!? I've messed around with the audio options a lot but NOTHING will fix it. :cry::cry::cry:

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i do, you go to control panel, then the sound part, then click advanced, then set your speakers to no speakers, click ok, then go right back to advanced and set your speakers back to what they were and it should work, sometimes it doesnt and will after u try again, if it still doesnt work set it to no speakers then close all of the things and open control paned back up and then set it the ur speakers.

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Actually, you were both wrong this time! I went to control panel and saw a sound mixer. I noticed whenever VC is started, it changes to "cave" sound for some odd reason.

Still annoying to change everytime I play, but thank god no more echo!

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