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Todays testing


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We held a fourth semi-public test today of the latest build of mta, (not 0.2 yet, it isnt finished), as you can see by the news post on the main site the new netcode is working nicely and showing dramatic improvements in the amount of upstream needed for a server.

It was a relatively succesfull test, there are still some crashing issues for people that are being looked into as well as a few issues we where well aware of prior to the test that have yet to be resolved fully. No major new problems where brought t light today though and that is very good news.

So it just remains for us to finish off the few glitches we have, and to hope that int he process of doing so we do not create any new ones :)

It's close.

Some screenshots from todays test. (taken with our new built in SS key)

The Bank Job


The Chase


Escorting prisoners to the cells for mugshots.


The Cast.


EDIT: Lots more screenshots from the test here!

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WOWOWOWOWOW! I am out of words... this is just so cool!!!!!! I really can't wait. Did you know that MTAteam is actually teasing us with all those screenshots... I would like to see more, especially of the passenger function etc. Also we're waiting for the first ingame 0.2 movie!! Keep it up guys the release is near... we hope...great work!

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man nice pics they look pretty good. So that Cops and Robbers thing is a game mode right?Thats major sweetness Great job MTA TEAM u guys are gods of GTA Modding i tell people this and they still dont believe me cause they cant try it but i tell em u can play this shit online cause of a team that made this mod.Anyway now this .2 has just a load of Good Stuff I never would have thought would be included. will u still be seeing people as laying down somtimes even though on there screen there normal.I know why it does that just wondering if it will be fixed for .2?

Anyway i really dont care since all u have to do is shoot were the body is to kill them and somtimes they pop back up and u hit em with a shot gun. :) Nice one

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The screens look great ... but....

About the name and health tags

i think with many ppl the name tags and healthbars get a bit in the way ... is there a client option to turn them off or even better have some kind of draw distance optional (to a maximum of course) meaning that if somebody is further than x feet from u the name wouldn't show .... please ... this would make it so great !!!! 8) or even a size option ... those close ups are really a bit to big ...

let me enphasize optional ;)

... on the other hand ... the second picture looks better than the other ones ... meaning that the names look smaller or something ... and not such in the way ...

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