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i think they will speed up and do some finishing touches, i would say within this week, i mean from today to the next sunday. I am checking the mtavc.com page 5 times a day at least to see if there are updates!

I check mta every 10 minutes at least i swear to god im not joing if the devs or the mods have a way to check then i have proof that i do!.

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Look . everyone is sooo addicted to this game eh :D

I can't wait either, i'm thinkin 2-3 weeks but I don't know...

By the way: quote from mr Bump

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the progress indicators on the website. They purely represent our rough estimate of how complete the various parts of the next release (currently 0.2) is, NOT how close we are to releasing a finished product, 0.2 will be a BETA, it will NOT be anything but a beta until we get to version 1.0. As soon as 0.2 is released the bars will drop back down to indicate how complete we feel 0.3 is.

It is also not related to time at all, ie if it go's up 2 dots in one week that does not mean that the remaining dots will take a week each, we may complete what we feel is 20% more gameplay in 2 days, then take 3 weeks to do what we feel is another 5% for instance.

As for the core, there are posts elsewhere that explain what this is and how it fits into mta and releases so i wont rehash all that here

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