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VCSC Stunt Reel

After seeing the movie, how would you rate it?  

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  1. 1. After seeing the movie, how would you rate it?

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well i'd like to refer to gufag..

i think there are plenty of stunts with kinda "unknown" locations :!:

and I think Thargore tried to show all landing sequences but in actual fact

it sometimes gets boring and if the intention of the editor was to make the movie "faster" it is a good tool to show just the nice flying scenes after each other. :roll:

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well yeah, it seemed like really unjust comment and that ticked me off.

if you say something can be done better, show it! i just spent 30 mins in a server with someone else who said grinding is ridiculously easy, and he didnt come close to 1.

im open to comments, like i know i should work on those glitches, i can improve some stunts, should have some more teamstunting and such, but not just empty remarks :-/

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what you geezers need is a real-live STUNT BATTLE. None of that send in the movie or .rep.. but you gotta pull that stunt with the crowd up and watching, when it counts. Youknow, there be rules like: maybe three try per stunt, pre agreed locations etc

forum trash talk can take a walk! we need the real thing!!!!#$#$3

i am elix0r

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and people in the crowd with guns :-/

there have been stunting competitions.. but didnt think they looked great. wasnt there though.

perhaps we can do something with MTA0.2, but i'll only join if it's just some friendly competition. i dont like those fierce gang battles, nicer to have some re-lax stunting with mates

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