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VCSC Stunt Reel

After seeing the movie, how would you rate it?  

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  1. 1. After seeing the movie, how would you rate it?

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After seeing all the videos being made, it occurred to me that Vice City Stunt Crew participated in a lot of vids, but there was never a vid made of VCSC. Soo, I got down to business, checked what replays we had, made new ones, captured them, edited them, rendered them and finally, it is finished.

No mods whatsoever were used in the making of it, it's all fair stunting.

With extra thanks to Meeva and Oreoman for hosting them, here are the downloads:

Rightclick -> save as .. here to download the VCSC Stunt Reel (42Mb)

Rightclick -> save as here to download a low quality version (13Mb)

*UPDATE* Thanks to DJ GTA, there is a mirror for both files.

Click here to access the files

AND thanks to SM Vipa, another host for the big movie, so it should be pretty downloadable now! Thanks guys!

Rightclick -> save as .. here to download the movie (42mb)

If you have any questions, ask away, I'm very open to constructive criticism. But first: enjoy the video!


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heh, soz about the LoL, trying to find mirrors.

i know there are a few bugs. it was a problem that turned out at the final render and it drove me halfmad getting them out. think there are still 2 left, and i had the choice of ignoring them, or spending a few days correcting it, so i left them (they arent that bad)

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Yay nice movie Thargore. The editing was great almost all the time, but there's one thing: try compressing it with TMPGEnc instead, at least for the larger version of the movie. I think you will get better quality with almost the same filesize.

I would give it a 8.5-9/10

About the hosting the server is usually up 4 or 5 hours in the weekdays (on evenings) and 7-8 in the weekends.

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ugh, i knew that! *slaps forehead*

changed it ^^

AND added another mirror from SM Vipa. So it should be pretty downloadable now..

I think those 1's some ppl rated came from it not being downloadable.. i mean, i cant say much about my own movie, but i know there was a lot of time and effort put into it, so it cant be the worst ever. besides, if you think it's that bad, you can always tell me why so i can learn from it and make a better one next time :wink:

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hmm... i would give it 4, for the cool music and the big collection, i didnt gave it 5 becouse most of those stunts are easy-to-do stunts... spacially the grindes... i dont understand why this is counted for stunts... but that only my opinnion... :roll: .

generally: very good movie!

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eehh, you have gotta be shittin me? that's by far the worst pile of shit i've ever layed my eyes on, the stunts sucks so does the music, and the editing.. is there any? oh and you suck most of everything!

well now when that's said, i'll give it a 10 out of 10

very nice : )

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elix0r say, "pretty good movie." Me officially rate it somewhere between 4 and 5. Nose wheelies are cool.. grinds are good cause they are hard to do.. and even though I understand the desire to put in ones you don't land (oh if only I'd landed that 720 to grind off the back of that fucking porsche..) make sure they are the tops.. ie.. ones where people go BOOYAH... DAMN I WISH HE LAND IT!! nose wheelie to grind was good.

spin/jump over airplane was tops, since I know how much of a pain it is to jump that corner.. me always happy to see people jumping off the police station signs, but why put in one where they fall? Moped tricks may be the only place to do original stuff.. though. Pretty damn good, I can't wait to get big gang chases going in the next MTA version. High speed chasing and top driving skills may be next direction for "stunt" videos to go..


also, i have a small stunt collection I started working on.. edited up with muzak. if you have a place for me to upload it.. let me know, I'd like to show that I can do some tricks too.

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very well done, some of those grinds were very well done, but you didnt show the landings on most of them, i mean i have done nearly all of those, but only landed a few, show more landings =)

I give it a 4, great production awful music (personal taste so you wont win there) nice stunts, some original places

well done!

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Well, there were some nonlanded Grinds, but I didn't think that was too awfull, since the grinds were good, but things like a pole got in the way and such. I know it would've been better if i'd landed it, but I thought those stunts were nice enough without landing. For the rest I think I landed most of them? I know I cut a lot of endings, cause they were empty seconds of braking and turning and seemed boring to me.

I'll check out my video this afternoon to see if there were any horrible landing mistakes in it, but at the moment only the grinds come to mind, and the PCJ at filmstudio, where I landed right, but the wall was 1 meter were I touched the ground..

PS Elix0r, I liked that jump at the police station cause I hit the bottom of that billboard. I couldnt get any higher cause of it, so I thought I'd just take that one.. but now I think you're right, I shouldn't have put that one in, ain't that special.

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fiar enough, i can see why its sometimes best to leave out landings, but for me personally, it aint a stunt unless its landed and controlled

anyway, nice editing job, and overall, a great vid, hope to see a sequal

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and that's true for almost every stunt, except a few grinds that werent landable, cause a pole was in the way.. i dont think grinds are the kind of stunts that should be landed, since it arent airtricks.. of course it's very nice if it would be..

if you'd like to see some landings, catch me in IRC for full fragments.

btw, i watched my vid again and i think i should comment that i purposely chose fragments that were "doable" to give you an idea of what we do. i also have fragments that look insane, smashing between objects and not falling and such, but it wouldnt be fair to put those in, cause those are just lucky, not so much skill. but this gives you an idea of what we can do.

and i didnt want to show you we can bumpjump every wall and 360/720 every jump either. i showed you we can do it and different locations dont matter that much. i found variety in the movie more important ;p

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Of course different locations matter. If they don't matter then you would have a same old boring video just like everyone else. I don't get why you said that stunt locations don't matter. Variety is different unique locations. after all the aerial stunts you can do in GTA:VC are limited to either spins, front flares, back flares, or the occasinal side flip. I don't know, if you wanna show the same old stunts as everyone else over and over again that's your perogative. Personally I would try to show a different unique stunt spot in every shot, and never repeat the same stunt location more than 2 times. :P

I liked the grinds section of your vid but I agree that they should be landed to count as a stunt, pole in the way or not. You fell off the PCJ so many times, you put shots of yourself landing backwards are we to believe you landed those. When you watch skate vids, or BMX vids they don't show anyone bail unless it's the bails section of the movie. I think the same should go to GTA stunt vids. Some of those grinds may have been perfectly landable if you kept at it and got the right shot. :)

I can't say that I hated you're vid, but it does need work for the next version. 7.5/10

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Well, SM Gulag, then put your money where your mouth is and show me those grinds landed.

I wanted to put some decent grinds in a stuntvid, cause I didn't see them anywhere, and at that location you either have a real short grind, or hit the pole. Same as in your vid, where there was a real nice stunt, but was cut off before landing.

And I didn't mean that different locations dont matter much that strongly. I just meant that with a basic jump, the stunt will often remain the same. That's something I didn't like in your movie, saw the same basic bumpjumps over and over and over again, at a different wall. What's different about that except background? Just running into a wall while leaning back?

If it's a different júmp with different fáctors, than location matters. But I dont see why I should show the exact same stunts in a zillion different locations, than I'd rather choose for variety.

Besides.. i think it's rather daring you say you should never do a stunt at the same location, while you do that in your own video...

If that was your only criticism on my movie that 2 stunts werent landed and I didnt do every location, I don't think that needs work.

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