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will the armor be shown on health bar


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what are u talking about.I asked a farley good question cause i think armor should be shown. Right?so then u answer with no and no what type of answer is that i told u i wasnt a dog.Thats how u speak to dogs what part of it didn't u get.Were all gamers here how bought treating me like u treat your friends.Please be a little nicer to your fans .If u would like a example of beeing nice how bought u couldve answered the question like this.

as for the armor beeing shown not at this time mybe later and that is a good idea for it beeing on the health bar. :lol:

so please be a little nicer as i said before.

i do not expect and answer to this.

have a nice day :lol:

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ya really it was just a queation there was no reason for him to be rude but i guess thats just how mr bump way of makin friends

try to be a little more friendly im not a dog.

Rather than just saying "no", MrBump could say "no" and give a reason why. That would be a more satisfying answer if I were in Evil_Shady's position.

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ROFL!!!! hahaha yuou guys are such assholes, hte lot of ya its a fucking 2 letter word that sus up EVERYTHING you NEED to know, the rest can be pure bullshit ANYWAY

fucky ou guys make shit mounds of NOTHING! man you all suck hahaha this got my a good laugh...


hehehe no bieng rude, if he wanted to be rude he'd of sid NO YOU FUCKHEAD NO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!but he didn't man your all stupid, hell he could even closed this HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA funny, funny....

now THATS rude, so piss off

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