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my drifting teaser vid


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honestly: OMG!

if i'd give it a mark between 0 and 10, this would get a MINUS infinite!

really, this is FACTUALLY the worst movie i've seen, and i have seen them all. it's a car driving in the dark at i think the most boring place you can pick. even if i'd TRY i wouldnt succeed in making it this bad. but of course i dont have the music to worsen it like that.

I can see why Gulag left the game, I'd be very very ashamed to see my name in that too (hell, i'd kill myself!)

AND WHY IS IT A TEASER VIDEO? who could POSSIBLY want a sequel to come of this? it's like watching grass grow and say there's be more tomorrow, although that's why more interesting than this!

DAMN... Xenex warned me not to download, but my grasp of movie badness wasnt big enough for a movie like that...

(you get my point)[/b]

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All I can say is.....Ya... ok. :shock:

I think that you picked possibly the gayest techno track ever created for the background music. :roll:

Ya I was there when he was doing the Snake road at the golf course. I even raced him down it a few times on a PCJ and won a few times. It was fun doing that, but I can't imagine making a vid about it.:oops:

And, yes Thargore I did leave because it was getting very redundant. Thargores GayestMTAMovie was entertaining and well done, this vid was not. :wink:

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LOL hah ha haah :lol:

wow this isn't even a MOVIE :lol:

another thing is that this isn't no stunt video , Im tired of all this stunt vids all being the same why wont any one make somthing different for a change. and for one thing you guys have to be hardcore drifters to understand what its going to go down.

REMEBER this was a teaser not a whole vid. once I capture vids of sin, Cerbera and me drifting this will be off the hook :roll:

and thanks to Evil, i guess he only understands

shame on you others :twisted:

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it's about as teasing as feeling my toenails grow...

and dunno if it gets better at the end, by that time i felt braindead cause of the mindnumbing tediousness of it..

sorry if im a bit harsh, but i like burning this ^^. i hope the real movie will be good, though you have a lot to fix ;p

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