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Per-Player variables

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I have next question: How to create variables for one player? Like PVars in SA-MP, function which you can use to save some data for player. Thanks for help top_gradient.jpg

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I don't know but where no functions like SetPVarInt(playerid,"Name",Value); 100% because Pawn and LUA its so different.

Where are functions and eventHandlers

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So I must use tables? Like:

local pVehicle = { } 
pVehicle[thePlayer] = vehicle 


Other question: In client-side script I don't have to use tables? Only

local pVehicle 
pVehicle = vehicle 

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setElementData(thePlayer,"Money",value) - for example 

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Thank you!

So in client-side scripts I have to use:

setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "Money", value) 

And I can read this in server-side scripts?

And other, maybe stupid question: saved data with that function is avaiable to read in all resources?


I'm sorry because I'm some green in Lua :)


This isn't problem :D I can't understand some words, and google translate can't help too. Here language is some simplier for me :) Sorry for problem, which I creating.

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