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setElementData with variable in 2nd argument?

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Is it possible to setElementData(vehicle,A variable,0) ?

And then to get it again later.

getElementData(vehicle, A variable)?

What I'm trying to do is to set a variable for vehicle with a player name as the 2nd argument and therefore I need to use variables?

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if your variable contains a string — why not.

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Well I've been trying but it doesn't seem to work the way I've been doing, the way I do is

When a player joins it does:

    for k1,v in ipairs(vehicle) do 
        local Name = getElementData(source,"CharacterName") 

Got no problems here at all, used tostring to make sure that it turns out to be a string.

Then in another lua file I do following, this is where the problem appears

    for k,v in ipairs(players) do 
        for k1,v1 in ipairs(vehicle) do 
                local Name = getElementData(v,"CharacterName") 
                if getElementData(v1,tostring(Name)) == 0 then 

But here it says that theres a bad argument at the getElementData, which I don't get since it works with the variable at start but in the getElement I get a error/warning

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that is some really weird system, what are your trying to achieve with it anyway?

can't see what actually wrong. except the idea itself, why set all vehicles' element data to player name on join.

what if another player joins? is "CharacterName" is even set? how do you know first part is working?

and what line throws the error exactly?

ps: since "CharacterName" doesnt change in ipairs(vehicle) loop, you better move it outside of the loop.

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