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Possible Publicity for 0.2

Madd Dog

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Hi, i may be new around here but i know not to ask for release dates n such, but a good friend of mine is running extremelan (http://lan3xtreme.ausgamers.com/) in Melbourne Aust, 120 ppl on the 20th and 21st September and i thought this might be a good place to get some free attention towards your mod.

I will be placeing 0.1 on the main ftp there but i think it would be really cool if 0.2 could take its place. Not trying to rush you or anything but from all the testing picts that are being posted on the main site i thought there may be a slim chance that 0.2 may be ready by then. again im not trying to rush you in your great work so far but just as an idea.

If no i totally understand but if yes either email me, madd_dog@mail.com, or send a pm to rocket ryder on the extreme forum and mention me.

Madd Dog

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If yes what?

If its released you'll soon know about it so why would we need to email you?

If its not released there is no way we would give anyone a full fileset of a buggy release and let it be distrobuted amongst hundreds of lanners. A buggy release would besmirch the reputation of mta not improve it. Not to mention the massive leaks that would follow.

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