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i'm a newb in scripting but i wanne ask some thing about it,

We have Some Sounds on the Server just luke /trololo and it plays a sound

But Now we have the problim that they Spam with it so i wanne make a Soundmute wich means that they can't use / when they are "soundmuted" But still can talk in the chatbox.

I rly hope Some1 can help me , or some1 has that script it would be verry helpful :)

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When use ex. "/trololo" save that in variable and start timer, which reset that variable. You must add condition in function attached to command. Ex.:top_gradient.jpg

-- in your command: 
if (soundMuted == false) then 
    -- your command code 
    soundMuted = true 
    setTimer(...) -- i don't remember params now 

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