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Restrict skins

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He's talking about the freeroam resource, change this on fr_client.lua.

nonAllowedSkins = {[211] = true, [217] = true} 
function setSkinCommand(cmd, skin) 
    skin = skin and tonumber(skin) 
    if skin then 
        if not nonAllowedSkins[skin] then 
        errMsg( "You are not allowed to use this skin." ) 
addCommandHandler('setskin', setSkinCommand) 
addCommandHandler('ss', setSkinCommand) 

I think it should work.

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I tried using that script myself, and what it only does is that it gives you a red message saying you may not use this skin.. and the person can still keep using it.

Is it missing an cancel event ?

        errMsg( "You are not allowed to use this skin." ) 
cancelEvent () -- stop the event from occuring         

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