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I need help with httpdownloadurl



Hi, i have problem with httpdownloadurl.

Problem is this errors:

I start download 1. error is: http://www.mediafire.com/?okw4x3m756o3sd8

then i return download and 2. error is : http://www.mediafire.com/?opnj1jgerir10eg

3. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?2up67z08oho3rz3

4. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?v6js055y6n1aqcv

5. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?hqk4224iuxyi8j2

6. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?x7tmjvqvd0bxaa3

7. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?ul7txbylwakd3nk

8. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?3qyg3g92k13uit3

9. error : http://www.mediafire.com/?2rqw1bx5kfybfrh

After this errors download is complete.

This is URL for download : http://mtadownlad.web44.net/

And here is code from mtaserver.conf :

    <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server will be visible as in the ingame server browser  
         and on Game-Monitor. It is a required parameter. --> 
         needed for professional servers and should be left blank otherwise. 
         This parameter specifies the IP to use for servers that have multiple IP addresses. If left 
         blank, it will default to server's standard local IP address. --> 
    <serverip /> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies the Maximum Transmission Unit or maximum packet size that the server 
         will use. This will depend on the nature of your clients, as well as the network medium your 
         server is connected to. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies the UDP port on which the server will be accepting incoming player 
         connections; default value: 22003. It is a required parameter. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies the number of maximum player slots available on the server; default 
         value: 32. It is a required parameter. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies whether the builtin http server will be used. 
         Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies the TCP port on which the server will be accepting incoming http 
         connections. It can be set to the same value as <serverport>. It is a required parameter 
         if <httpserver> is set to 1. --> 
    <!-- If set, this parameter specifies the external URL from which clients will be able to download 
         needed resources ingame. Otherwise they will download them directly from the server. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies whether the client files for hosting on an external web server should be 
         automatically copied into mods/deathmatch/resource-cache/http-client-files/ 
         Only relevant if <httpdownloadurl> is set. 
         Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. Optional parameter. --> 
    <!-- This parameter is deprecated. Please use httpmaxconnectionsperclient instead--> 
    <httpconnectionsperclient /> 
    <!-- This parameter limits the number of http connections each client can make to an external web server. 
         Depending on the type of http server that is used, a lower figure may reduce download timeouts. 
         Only relevant if <httpdownloadurl> is set. 
         Available range: 1 to 8 ; default value: 4. --> 
    <!-- If set, this parameter specifies that older clients will use the internal web server instead of the 
         external one. This is to stop bugs in older clients overloading the external web server. 
         Only relevant if <httpdownloadurl> is set. 
         Values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled ; default value: 1. --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies what types of checks the clients should make to ensure there has 
         been no tampering with certain settings. 
         Values: 0 - disabled , -1 - everything. default value: -1. --> 
    <!-- Comma seperated list of disabled anti-cheats. 
         e.g. To disable anti-cheat #2 and #3, use: 2,3 --> 
    <disableac /> 
    <!-- Minimum client version. Clients with a lower version will not be allowed to connect. After 
         disconnection, clients will be given an opportunity to download an update. 
         If left blank, this setting is disabled and there are no restrictions on who can connect. 
         Version numbers look like this: 1.0.4-9.01746.0 
         NOTE: Due to security issues in 1.0.3 and earlier, this should be set to a least 1.0.4 --> 
    <!-- Recommended client version. When connecting, if clients have a lower version, they will be given 
         the option to download an update. 
         If left blank, this setting is disabled. --> 
    <!-- This parameter can be used to make the server report to Game-Monitor master servers, allowing it to 
         be visible in the ingame server browser. An additional UDP port needs to be available for this to 
         work (value from <serverport> + 123 , so on a default <serverport> value 22003 the right port 
         will be 22126 ). Available values: 0 - disabled , 1 - enabled. Optional parameter, defaults to 0. --> 
    <!-- This parameter allows you to disable LAN broadcasting. --> 
    <!-- If set, players will have to provide a password specified below, before they can connect to the 
         server. If left blank, server doesn't require a password from them. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the location and name of the main server log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> 
    <!-- As well as the main log file, login successes and failures are logged here for easy reviewing of security issues. 
         If left blank, this file is not used --> 
    <!-- This parameter specifies the location and name of the Access Control List settings file. If left 
         blank, server will use acl.xml file, located in the same folder as this configuration file. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the location and name of the debugscript log file. If left blank, server won't be saving this file. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the level of the debugscript log file. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the level of the html debug. Available values: 0, 1, 2, 3. When not set, defaults to 0. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the server frames limit. Minimum value: 25, default: 36. --> 
    <!-- Specifies the module(s) which are loaded with the server. To load several modules, add more <module> 
         parameter(s). Optional parameter. --> 
    <!-- <module src="sample_win32.dll"/> --> 
    <!-- <module src="sample_linux.so"/> --> 
    <!-- Specifies resources that are loaded when the server starts and/or which are protected from being stopped. 
         To specify several resources, add more <resource> parameter(s). --> 
    <resource src="admin" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="helpmanager" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="joinquit" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="defaultstats" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="mapcycler" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="mapmanager" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="parachute" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="resourcebrowser" startup="1" protected="1" default="true" /> 
    <resource src="resourcemanager" startup="1" protected="1" /> 
    <resource src="spawnmanager" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="webadmin" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="fps" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="air" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="reload" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="skysurf" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="protection" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="genoboost" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="ramp" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="vision" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="club" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="laser" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="speedometer" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="grapple" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="admiral" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="turismo" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="nrg500" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="prison" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="phoenix" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="road" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="swat" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="sparrow" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="realdriveby" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="bullet" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="landstal" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="wayfarer" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="at400" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="infernus" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="monster" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="packer" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <resource src="hunter" startup="1" protected="0" /> 
    <!-- play is the default freeroam gamemode. Remove the following line to prevent it from starting. --> 
    <resource src="play" startup="1" protected="0" /> 

How to fix these problems?

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Did you ever think nobody wants to download your bmp files?

Save them as jpg or png and upload them to an image hoster NOT file hoster then link to the pictures.

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Yes that is good, now to hope somebody who knows what those errors mean will read the topic.

The best advice I can give is to just change settings using the trial and error method and hope something works. Perhaps the resources at http://mtadownlad.web44.net/ are different to the files in your servers resource-cache folder? To check, copy them over again from resource-cache.

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