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Vehicle Idle Desctruction


An option or vote, or a way to destroy/respawn idle vehicles.  

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  1. 1. An option or vote, or a way to destroy/respawn idle vehicles.

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Ive noticed that alot of people will leave their rides behind and take a new one and not destroy it..because of the lack of vehicles, its annoying! Sometimes I will join a server and there arent any vehicles at the start place, so what im wondering is will there be a "Destroy All Idle Vehicles" button (for admins), or vote with that? (And if im being an uber newbie.. I didnt notice if the vehicles respawned after a long period of time :P)


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We are planning to make at least one vehicle per spawn area return home after it has been left idle for a certain amount of time to ensure there is always a ride for new players. I cannot however say if this will make it into 0.2, as there are many more important scm changes that need to be adressed first.

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