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coming up with a new gta3 and vc multiplayer mod


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do you have to have the gta4 pc disk in order to use the multiplayer game.

ok i have 4 computers on lan can i have other people join my lan game with my buddies

can you put mods like car mods or weapon mods or simply building mods on the lan server so the other players can see them

if any of you guys tell me how to take a screenshot or how to make a movie i promise you i will always make a special movie for anyone

how do you use the print screen

have all the programs to operate gta3 multiplayer and ive listened to the readme's and it tells me to put in youre gta3.exe folder but i dont get what that means. and do you need to have the gta3 di ...

can you play by you're self and are there peds and can you use mods

and can you see other players

you know how it says running server i type my ip and it says running server how does my friend connect does he have to type my ip. and whats this test memory procedure whats this player position do i ...

how do you host servers and kick or ban people and how do you name them so you can see them or view them in ase

how do you record without replay or fraps


ok... those are some of the questions this guy ask and now he wants to make an mp mod? :lol:

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Im making a cake.

i need people with flour, people with eggs, people with sugar, people with a baking tray, someone with an oven and someone either with a recipe book or who knows how to make one already.

(i also need people with any other ingredients required)

My cake will be way better than yours

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