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Best stunt video EVER. Blows all others away!!!! MUST SEE!

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How did you guys like the video?  

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  1. 1. How did you guys like the video?

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Decan's Auto Stunt Reel


This video in wmv/asf format is, hopefully, the best stunt video you have ever seen. This should set a precedent for future stunt videos for GTA videos. Please vote in the poll after you are done watching and please give comments in the forum.

Do this: Turn your volume to Max!

Turn your Base volume to Max!

Turn off all the lights around you!

And enjoy!

If you don't get any servers, refresh the fileplanet webpage.

(You will need to register with fileplanet.com if you havent yet (for free) but it is definitely worth it!!!)

Download medium resolution version (352x288, wmv, 44.1khz 16 bit stereo)

Download high resolution version (640x480, wmv, 44.1khz 16 bit stereo) BEST QUALITY!

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This is the best i ever saw.

Can you tell me how you did that

I am a beginner stunter so plz tell me or pm me.

Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat movie


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Well thats a pretty hard question to answer...there are so many movies out there and i haven't seen everyone of them yet. Some movies that would qualify as the best movie that ive seen is:


Gettin high on wheels

SM stunt reel

and my upcoming movie Casual Stunts: The Sequel :lol:

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*lol our video has been mesioned in here,cooooll,for the ones that dont know whichone i mean its the SM stunt reel ,Im SM xenex.

The movie is good,i really liked how you sync themusic with the stunts, altougth there not the greatest but there good,a trunndown i think isthe mods really sorry i like the cars and evrtyhing but mods is a turndown,however some of them were cool , and too the person thta edited your video i would wanna ask him some question about it, so iff you would please pm me , thanx.

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I saw this video about 3 months ago and it is pretty sick. But, there are better movies out there as far as stunts go. I haven't seen one that has been edited as well though. Good job D8Cam. I made the SM Stunt Reel and it is a pretty good contender w/ this one(stuntwise), I just didn't edit it as well.

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the editing is flash - but the vid uses modifications, which is kinda like cheating imo. There are a few jumps which i still feel can NOT be made as i have tried for hours on end to do myself (with non-modified vehicles anyway)

complaints aside, the vid is great.

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