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LAN play. how to make less flaky?

Guest poseyjmac

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im playing VC mta with someone on LAN. 2 people. it goes fine for a while, but it will say someone timed out. is there a workaround for this? its a 100mbit connection. also cars a bit jerky, is there a way to get rid of lag? thanks

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don't know the pedantic definition.. but mainly, a hub just blindly sends out any and all broadcast packets from any port to any other port. (I mean port/jack on the hub that you plug ethernet into)

Each port/jack on a switch is "smart" and it learns the MAC address of whatever device is plugged into it. So that the switch doesn't blast unnecessary traffic out to everything else on that switch.

I don't know about what sort of ms delay you might get by having a switch instead of a hub on a small LAN.

e l i xOr

PS i only post this since it seems most were interested in saying bad MAD_BOY was wrong but not giving any sort of indication why.

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hehe... guess I have to start reading bottom lin of posts.. that's what I get for trying to avoid reading .sigs

A hub , opposed to a switch/router, sends ALL the data to ALL connected computers, whereas a switch (or a router with built-in switch) sends data to the computer that it's addressed to!, said EagleEye812


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probably not any time soon...

Its nearly impossible to make this perform as well as a game that we had access to the source code. We have to fake a lot of things to get the job done, and as a result can't control the world as directly as we'd like.


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