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Suggestions, gameplay etc.

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:lol: I have some suggestions.

When game starts, it will be all about to get to the bank, into it, and get a package that is in the bank, after getting it, the team shal transport the package back to their gang place, like, if these where the mexicans or , Diaz gang, they take the package to the mansion , you could make it so that when a team member of the diaz\mexican gang enters the special room with a package, he explodes and leaves the package in the room, after that, there pops up body guards outside the mansion that will start shooting at nearby gangs that are not Diaz gang,+ there can pop up weapons for your team, that way you can protect the mansion and the packages.

The more packages you get, the more bodyguards and guns you get. Other gangs can try to steal packages from, lets say the diaz house, they can go in, and enter the room and pick up the package. only people that are diaz gang members explodes in that room if they carry the package, but other teams dont, they can carry it out. 8) the other team will have to carry the package over to theirs place and go into their special room, and explode , now they have another package + get more body guards, people wont have to just steal packages from eachother, someone can be at the gang place and make sure no one steals, someone can try to get to the bank again, there can be a timer for when another package comes back at bank,... not only better body guards and guns will appear at the gang places , but also better vans to travel in for example, a bus :D hehe i think this would be cool;). People could also carry money, so when people gets killed, other people can pick it up and buy stuff, like.. for example, buying body guards that follow you, wherever u go and into vans too:). hehe. money could also appear at gang places:) after getting package, helicopters too:).

:idea: buying houses would also be cool, so gangs wouldnt just have one place, like, if you are the diaz gang,you can for example buy the malibu,hehe and after doing that and delivering package there, bodyguards will appear, :) the buildings nearest to the bank could be the most expensive ones.

Some houses could pay each team member some money, after each day, so they could get more money to buy stuff.

.. if servers stay up 24/7, the best gangs can survive over night for example, since they got most body guards:) hehe... then the player could just press ESC and let game be on over night:).there could be like, maximum 8 people on each team, or less. since you can buy bodyguards etc:). hehe.

ill see if i can make something more up laters, :lol: ive got alot of ideas.

Give replys if u got more ideas for this type of gameplay;).

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