[SEIF]IGNEOUS User Control Panel v.1 - Preview #1[ZASPREX]

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Preview #1 - 1:30

The Ultimate SAMP & MTA User Control Panel System


IGNEOUS is a UCP system designed by Zasprex Studios and coded by Seif and is compatible with MTA & SAMP. It is set to revolutionise what a UCP system really means. With its innovative, practical, user-friendly features as well as its innovative design, it will without a doubt rise above all previous UCP systems. The UCP has been designed and coded to suite all gamemodes; from deathmatch to stunting to role-play. What's more, the website has been designed so its images are easily edited to support your server's needs and wishes.

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@Solidsnake - Yes. From this, server players can log onto this webpage and change their account details such as their password, skin and many other things if they're not supported in the in-game script of the server. However, there are many more useful features with this UCP which you will find out soon.

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Someone who made programs that is compatible with both MTA SA and SA-MP is very kind. You just did a brilliant work making it compatible with both of them, it's more than we could ask for! Both SA-MP & MTA SA players will smile of your brilliancy. :D

Keep up the good work! This will be one of the most respected work ever created for the GTA SA multiplayer mods. :)

One question, what does the player gallery do?

And here, use video code (Example: if you want youtube videos to be shown in this forum.

Result (with center):

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