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gdwarfs stunt vid 1


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wow dude, there were some really nice stunts in there..

and i know what i'm talking about.

but, to be critical, there were some really simple things in there and some things where i was wondering why the hell they were in there (you fall off a burning bike?). could use somewhat more editing (but perhaps that's just my opinion), and i think the music was a bit weird?

i'd give it a 7,5 out of 10 i think

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I cant get the movie working more then 3 seconds, then the picture freez but the sound keep going. I tryed every player i had: Windows Media Player, RealOne, Winamp, AVI Preview, PowerDVD, QuickTime, Everything! :x Does i need any codecs or what? Can anyone help me?

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I used fraps 2.0 for recording, works very good and you can remove the fps in the corner.

I probably could have made the vid about half as long by removing some of the simple stuff. Most of the clips are the same (360 with PCJ-600), and I should have used more cars. (more fun, but harder to do perfect)

I myself was very happy with, the perfect 360 with car over river, and the PCJ 360 to rail over river.

Most of the time I only drive around and do crazy jumps and search for new places to jump. Killing ain't that much fun, but it's nice to shoot back when someone irritates you. A part of the fun is also to dodge people and bullets right before you do a stunt.

Thx for feedback :)

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