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Considering starting a New Gang.

Guest phoenix^

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Hey guys/girls possibly.

Iam considering making a new Gang for VC, basic idea of it is to have fun, open to input of name and such, i will host any website or files, up to 200mb. I know its not much and i know VC MTA is in its early stages.

If nobody is interested iam also looking to join a decent gang then with the same kind of ideas as me.

Willing to code/host any website needed with a reasonable amount of previous html coding experience.

Contact me on msn if interested, Hotmail address is carldaynes@hotmail.com.

Thanks for showing some interest, take care and have fun, look forward to hearing any replies.

Oh and try to be constructive here, if you do not have anything constructive to say, then save your time and dont bother, Cheers.

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Oh and Xantos, if your reading this please dont label me a cheater without ample enough or any evidence, i may not be the only one playing under this name so from now on ill be playing as Elixir.

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:D hi ive added u to my contact list - boomboxe... yeah u should know. I would love to start a gang with you, i have some great ideas up my sleave but just meed the advertising - hosting. with abit of help from members or mates i could make a website. thanks please take my plea into considoration
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phoenix^ you mentioned you where considering joining another gang rather than forming another of the many small, low member count ones that are springing up all the time.

You would be more than welcome in VCA, (Vice City Army), as would all applicants other than cheaters/ disruptive players. We are a training gang as well as participating in normal gang activities such as gang wars, driving competitions etc.

Take a look at

http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3188 for more information.

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