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Cars that spread the music


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itde be kinda cool to hear the music someone is playing in their car doesnt even have to be custom....could just be the default radios....but to hear it while you stand next to their car would be hype realistic...this is not a neccesity...what is a neccesity is windows 98 compatible

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...you mean just like reg radio music playing really quietly so you only hear when they drive by?

...but what about the poor suckers with 56k?

If you stick to the in-game radio stations then you don't have to send the music itself, only which station is on. I don't really see much point in it though.

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I like hte idea, in gta 1 & 2 certain cars that go past u'd hear like a music thing not proper music but u know what i mean

would be pretty cool tho, u turn around to shoot someone or to look away then u hear a car zoom past along with the radio quietly go past as well

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you wouldn't need to stream the music. everyone should already have it available to them. all they would need is to know station and elapsed time (where to start playing from) while this would kinda be a nifty feature I dont see it happening.

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i don't think you even need to know anything, just any radio station in the position gta currently has it i think would do fine, if the radio stations are sync'd to the players it would be even more unrealistic, whilst if there in the same position as on your computer it would seem better at least to me

i have a feeling this won't get implemented, (and wouldn't all this be done from the client side if it was so it would take no extra bandwidith? like if player is in car, play radio station as it drives past, not check with server to see if a player is in car, then download his/her 100b radio file i don't see why it would need extra bandwidth

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I'm a total newbie, just played it for an hour or so and it ROCKS !! :D

The driveby music could be easyly done i guess if you give each rediostation an integer value 0 to 9 or so (don't know how many stations there are). then when someone drives by it's just a matter of getting the integer and play sound(integer) [ this is already in the official game, it gives it an driveby sound to ( maybe you could use that ) ].

I've got a litle vb experience so therefore i think this would work and won't lag the game down [much :P].

that was all.

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This thread actually makes me wonder. The next version will have passengers, so will they hear the driver's station? Can passengers hear the radio at all?

would be nifty to have passengers hearing the same music too, however unless you actually sync the position of the radio in this case it wouldn't be good. Although i'm guessing most radio stations aren't more then 255minutes long (and if it is well you can eat into the radio station byte as it would only need 3-4 bits), so two bytes of traffic when the radio changes (one for the station, one for the pos) . but then what would happen if they stuck it on mp3?. maybe we'll see features like this nearer to a final version (ie not 0.2 betas but a 1.0 kinda thing)

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ok - the idea of being able to listen to what the driver is listening to may be possible if using the standard vc stations. If it switches to mp3 player i guess whatever mp3s the person has (if any) will play

could a dev please comment on this, as it would be cool to hear the driver channel hop between stations etc =)

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